MeetUp™ is a brand new feature in the Singletracker MTB App. MeetUp™ is an easy way to connect to other mountain bikers.

Get rid of the hassle planning a social ride. Make a MeetUp™ to find new friends or to get the old riding buddies of the couch.

Get going:

To create a MeetUp™ you need to have the Singletracker App installed on your smartphone. When installed you can find the MeetUp™ feature in the menu. Tap New MeetUp™ and a new page will appear.

You only need to fill out all the boxes concerning trails, time, if its public or private MeetUp™. When filled out you press create MeetUp™.

When the MeetUp™ is created you can share it by inviting friends by mail or sharing by text or social media.

On the go

In the MeetUp™ you can see who has been invited and who is attending your MeetUp™. You will also get a push notification when a new rider is joining your MeetUp™.

When a MeetUp™ is about to start you can press “on my way”. When pressed other participants in the MeetUp™ will get a notification that you are on your way to the MeetUp™.  And as a bonus you can follow your MeetUp™ buddies on the map, when they are “on my way”.

Once everybody is gathered we wish you a great MTB adventure and good trails!